In this new exhibition the extensive and complex artistic activity of Dina Cangi reaches rare results and refined technical skills. The previously noted affinities with work by Alberto Burri and an informal expressive side are confirmed by the use of unusual materials and for the freedom of the choices adopted in the executive stage. The inventive solutions, however, and the thematic variations proposed by Cangi remain strongly particular and rather singular. Her visual imagination focusses on the space provided by the pictorial surface (canvas, panel, or board) settling and taking shape by stratification of colours and the layering and manipulation of materials (paper, glue, silver leaf, gold leaf etc.). The original compositional idea that rises in the artist’s mind, coming from the redevelopment of her experiences through a personal filter of imagination and visionary perspective is therefore gradually highlighted and given significance. Sometimes it develops in an unexpected manner under the attentive eyes of the artist who creates while attempting to achieve a balance between every element and part of her work. In fact Cangi works leaving no loose ends, and does nothing that is not harmoniously finished. Her material experimentation is instinctive and answers her intimate desire to discover the intrinsic beauty and the specialness of minimal, simple, or hidden things. This is the origin of the thread linking her repertoire, a weave of shapes that surface from undefined and mysterious contexts: fragments of an unknowable reality revealed through flashes of light, coloured iridescence, transparency, veils, fading and layers. In the end Cangi unfolds in front of our eyes a universe submerged in images in the process of coming into being, revealed in fits and starts through the use of refined luminous effects. At the same time in the background of this scene, she projects the atavistic aspiration of humanity to achieve knowledge and truth: the breath of life that the artist beautifully restores with unexpected lyrical accents.