The pictorial language of Dina Cangi has evolved from when she first started, revealing itself to be in keeping with an assiduous search for expressive form beyond anything that has gone before. Over time it has become the object of constant transformations dictated by various and differing emotional and conceptual moments, while remaining faithful to the founding principles that have always characterised her works. The role of light has more than any other element remained immutable, which in all cases demonstrates an ability to “open” infinite spaces, opening passages through material stratification and moving through dark to light, with results not too dissimilar to sudden flashes with strong visual impact. Equally fundamental is nature, always transcribed using her own imagination and therefore rich in allusions and references to an interior world connected to personal emotions and memories.
The description of an interior world and the solid and tangible transportation of transfigured feeling are the “guidelines” of a material dimension where artefacts and fragments salvaged from the abyss surface and exalted by the light in the folds of the material itself create extraordinary contrasts between space, depth, and volume. Refined compositions, sculpturally well-organised and loaded with atmosphere suspended between the real and the unreal characterise Cangi’s whole production, and she is currently working on “small reliefs” involving light. Strong tonal passages burst through the surface giving these a strong sense of dynamism and creating a decided contrast between the exterior and interior of the painting, always dominated in the foreground by masses of colour and material. Every piece appears as a rapid, even improvised and instantaneous appearance or materialisation of an emotion, a thought, showing itself capable of becoming an icon of varying sensations conceptually rich in profound values. Leaving behind her first youthful forms of stratification, Cangi currently melds material nuclei in a dense magma of spaces and unusual and variegated shapes that move over the surface, incising it or projecting it outwards.