Dina Cangi was born in Arezzo, loc. Chiani 110, where she still lives and works. After receiving her high school diploma she devoted herself to art, and in particular painting, through an assiduous study of colour, light, surface and materials.
She is an enthusiastic anthripolihist and archaeologist, especially keen an Etruscan and oriental civilisations, and in particular their philosophies and their cultural premises.
This involvement testifies to her appreciation for tradition and the culture of the past, which Dina tends to recuperate, filter and reinstate through certain attractive aspects of her works, with the eyes and hesrt of person who is a militant for the art of the time she is living in.
During her artistic growth she has met with strong personalities, master of the calibre of De Gregorio, Concetta, Minestrini and detected a livly spiritual consonance and closeness to their work. She has followed their advice - concerning art and life - without ever straying from her own imprinting, and by doing so benefiting further autonomous interior growth.
From her very first appearance at group exhibitions, in collections and competitions she was immediately noticed by both the general public and apecialist critics. There was no lack at articles and reviews in the media.
From the '90s she started being sistematically invited to put on one-person exhibitions both in Italy and abroad. One notes here the great success obtained in Berlin, Dùsseldorf and Regesburg (Germany), Atlanta (U.S.A.), Ghent (Belgium).
Exhibitions in Italy at Cortona, Castiglion d'Orcia, Chianciano, Pienza, Bologna, Padova, Mantova, L'Aquila,
Rome, Perugia, Pordenone, Bari and Follonica were particularly well received. She has obtained the same amount of interest when exhibiting on a number of occasions in Florence and Arezzo.
Her works are also to be found in both public and private collections.
Several art critics wrote about her works: Franca Calzavacca, Chiaramarina Camèra, Carlo Cinelli, Liletta Fornasari, Benvenuto Guerra, Michele Loffredo, Flavia Maccelli, Antonio Oberti, Dino Pasquali, Tommaso Paloscia, Maurizio Vanni, Monica Venturi.