Her paintings immediately catch the attention because of the harmony of components and to the seductive atmosphere of subjects. The strong colours put in glazes make deep the shades and the meaning of her painting, which starting from abstractism comes true in hints of shapes around which painting and evocation of mystery build themselves up. It is an insight universe through which Dina Cangi has opened a door, succeeding in exploring hidden territories that feed themselves with a profusion of unconscious and where everything is shown in a clear way only for a moment, everything seems to be alive for an instant and then it becomes an old memory.

The painting of Dina Cangi, overflowing with secretly humorals values, shape itself like a psychic tour in the abyssal river-bed of the interior dimension of personal experience, giving the canvas a kind of iconic-imaginative confession back. The representations of the emblematic ascertained annotations, filtered by formal unconscious emergencies and evocative designations, underline the pictorial belonging to surviving inspections of memory of qualified surreal compactness.
The decantation of the artist's abstracts experience is joined by the delight of the colouristic manipulation for the research of composite balance of the chromatic configurations which. ordered in veils and consequential sediments, lately come true in reaffirmations around which the picturial event comes true.
On suspended atmospheres, as in a crepuscular splendidly bright lyricism, Cangi sets her gaze to investigate hidden territories, giving images from the bottoms of the conscience back, images which show themselves in the shortness of a moment to be reabsorbed later by the huge tank of the lost memory.