Dina Cangi is a sensitive and refined painter and, because of her precious technique, she can manage different and varied themes and poetics with absolute certainty. This is why her artistic path is marked by a succession of cycles, periods and phases characterising her production which always aims at continuous research, constant experimentation and perpetual desire for creation, production and invention.
The works of this solo show belong to the cycle "between heaven and earth", in which the skilful artist from Arezzo attempts to put the two elements on communication, both physical and spiritual. Elements which represent the area where men live and act.
They are works of a high pictorial value due to the great care involved, to the accuracy used in the technical settlement, to the wise and careful use of the colour which proceeds, glazing after glazing, to the effects, results and outcomes Cangi wished to achieve. Works from which the artist comes out totally, with her capacity to interpenetrate situations and circumstances, for the attention given to the performance of atmosphere, for the clever ability to make the viewer float into sheer and swirling worlds yet concrete and defined, always rich of pathos and intense poetry.
Then it is as if the earth, with its strength nd substance, was permeated into the levity and abstractness of heaven; as if the airy effusions of incredible skies became concrete in the magmatic dephts of the earth; as if Cangi's paintings were able to make the man's utopian sign to join heaven and earth, concreteness and abstraction, subject matter and poetry, lif and death concrete.